Details of Workshop at SFSU

February 17–18, 2018

Application & Payment Deadline:   Extended to Wednesday, January 3, 2018


1. Login, go to your Member Acount, then complete the CMNC workshop application and make your payment to CMNC.

2. Use the link to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) website to register for the
OLLI class: "Chamber Music Intensive"
and make the OLLI portion of your payment. Note that the OLLI portion of the fee is now $25 for one or both days. We expect payment of both parts of the workshop fee when you apply. Fees for any day(s) that you are not accepted will be refunded in full.
For problems with OLLI registration, call (415) 817-4243. They will be glad to help you.

Your CMNC application is not complete until you have done both the CMNC and OLLI applications and made both portions of your payment!

CMNC, OLLI and SFSU -- A new relationship (2016 Newsletter Gem)


Workshop Fees
Feb.17-18, 2018



Member Financial Aid


$250 CMNC
 $25 OLLI

$270 CMNC
 $25 OLLI

$25 OLLI


$130 CMNC
$25 OLLI

$140 CMNC
$25 OLLI

$25 OLLI


$95 CMNC
$25 OLLI

$105 CMNC
$25 OLLI

$25 OLLI

Extra meals for your guests Saturday Lunch Saturday Dinner Sunday Lunch
$25 $30 $25

Coach concert, dinner and optional freelancing:  $35.
This option is available through EVENTBRITE. Use this option if you are not attending the workshop, but would like to join workshop participants for the coaches’ concert at 5:45, followed by dinner and optional freelancing.

Financial Aid is only available to current CMNC members: $25 paid to OLLI.
Membership dues are $35 annually.
Login and look at your Member Account's Membership Details to determine if you are a paid-up member.
If not current, please complete membership payment BEFORE applying for the workshop.
You need to be a paid-up member before the system can save you money by giving you the reduced member fees.

Non-member has joined our mailing list, includes anyone not a paid-up member.

Guest is not playing at this workshop and will join you for meal(s).

We also invite you to make a donation to CMNC at this time.

FORMAT for SF State Workshop:

  • Saturday will consist of a full day coached session and a Master Class ending at 5:30. This will be followed by a coaches’ concert by the woodwind trio Trois Bois ending about 6:30, dinner (ending about 7:30), and freelancing (ending at 10:00).
    Saturday participants: Arrive at Creative Arts at 8:15–8:45 Saturday, to register and chat before 9:00 start time and Orientation Meeting.
  • Sunday will also be an all day coached session. The Sunday session will end at 4:00 with an optional performance sampler at 4:15 for those groups wishing to participate.
    Sunday ensembles have the option to perform the work they were coached on by signing up by lunchtime on Sunday. Those not performing are welcome to stay and listen, or to leave at 4pm.
    Sunday participants: Arrive at Creative Arts at 8:30–8:45, "Sunday only" to register and everyone to chat before 9:00 start time and Orientation Meeting.
  • Freelancing is encouraged Saturday evening, and at lunchtimes on both days. (CMNC Library music is available).
  • Instrument storage: Security room provided for meals and coaches' concert.

Notes and News for this workshop

  • If you were accepted for 2 instruments, please bring both of them. Clarinet players bring both Bb and A clarinets (unless you've made prior arrangements). Oboe/English Horn players bring both.
  • Preformed groups
    • Remember to bring a separate copy of the score (or piano part) for your coach.
    • Applicants can apply as a preformed group for one or both days.
  • Coach's request: measure-number your parts and score
  • Rooms may be cold, so prepare: dress in layers, bring sweaters, jackets, fingerless gloves, hats, whatever will help you to play in cold rooms, even a space heater.
  • Consider bringing seat cushions if you might find some chairs uncomfortable.
  • Please bring a music stand (there will be a few extra stands in CMNC's Library room if you forget).
  • Before attending, please read Preparing for a Workshop
  • A Note about Workshop Fees

For questions, problems or any other need to contact us:

  1. Use our Contact form -- or
  2. Phone 510-828-4148 and leave a message
  3. For problems with OLLI registration, call (415) 817-4243. They will be glad to help you.

Application Decisions:

We consider all applications up to the deadline date, but sometimes have to waitlist or accept participants only one day to manage instrument balance. We are also limited by the number of rooms we are allowed to use at each of our venues.

Whether you are applying for one day or both days, please indicate on the application if you (and/or your preformed group) can attend either day. This will be greatly appreciated and your acceptance possibly might hinge on your flexibility. Of course, if you can only attend one day, we will make an effort to accommodate you.

  • If you apply as an Individual, we will assign you to groups and provide music for you on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • A limited number of Preformed* Groups will be accepted for the workshop. Applicants can apply as a preformed group for one or both days.
    • Preformed groups must provide their own music and a score for the coach (even if the score is a piano part, an additional copy must be provided).
    • Minimum group size is a trio. Preference may be given to larger groups depending on the number of applicants and available rooms.
    • All members of preformed groups must be listed on the initial application and all applications must be submitted, including payment, by the deadline of Wednesday, January 3, 2018
    • If a player in a preformed group needs to cancel, it is the responsibility of the group members to recruit for replacement player(s). The CMNC workshop committee does not recruit for preformed groups.
  • Less experienced players are invited to consider pre-forming groups. Although this requires a bit more effort to form the group, many have found that it enhances both enjoyment and learning from our valued coaches.
  • Everyone (each player) must be a registered participant in order to be covered by our insurance.

*Preformed: a chamber music group, trio or larger, formed by individuals outside of the workshop. For example, you and three friends have been playing together as a quartet and your group would like to attend the workshop to receive coaching.
Your group decides on the piece, perhaps a movement or more, works on it prior to the workshop, and comes prepared to be coached, bringing your parts and a separate score for the coach.

Pre-Workshop Timeline:

Application and Payment Deadline:   
Extended to Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Please pay the workshop fee when you apply. Fees for any day(s) that you are waitlisted will be refunded in full prior to the workshop.

We will email every applicant an acceptance/regrets notice by Saturday, January 13, 2018. If yours has not arrived by January 18, 2018, please contact us.

If you are accepted, we are planning on your presence, and it is crucial that you come.

  • If you cannot come, please notify us, the earlier the better. Your cancellation is not official until we acknowledge it, so you have confirmation that your message was received.
  • To ensure a workable instrument balance, some applicants may be accepted for only one day or wait-listed subject to cancellations.
    • For example, there are a limited number of pianos, so we may not be able to accept all the pianists who apply.

Assignment notifications:   

  • Assignments will be discussed with pianists about 3 weeks before the workshop.
  • Because both days are coached, participants will be notified of both Saturday and Sunday group assignments at least 2 weeks before the workshop.
  • A section in our Links page suggests the likeliest places to quickly obtain music
  • A roster will be available to accepted applicants to facilitate communication and possible pre-workshop rehearsal.

If you are wait-listed, your payment will be refunded in full; we will contact you if the workshop balance changes.


  • If you cancel on or before January 6, 2018, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel between January 7 and January 26, 2018, you will receive a 50% refund.
  • If you cancel on or after January 27, 2018 there is no refund except for medical and family emergencies.

If you must cancel, contact us. If we don't respond quickly, keep trying until we confirm your cancellation.


available Saturday evening after dinner until 10:00 pm, and during lunch times.

  • FAQ: What is Freelancing?    Please read explanation and ground rules
  • Table with room signup list and freelance sheets is near the Registration table
  • Each group should sign up for a room
  • Rooms with pianos should be reserved by piano groups
  • Use a Freelance signup sheet if you want to play a piece but you need players
  • CMNC library of chamber music scores and parts will be available for freelancing and assignments -- over 1200 items for 3 to 16 players. Look at our online listing.

Effective workshop participation

requires a reasonable level of technical competence and previous familiarity with chamber music.

  • True beginners are not likely to be adequately prepared for the experience of playing at the workshop.
  • If you are a beginner, we encourage you to form chamber groups at home in order to gain self-confidence and some familiarity with the literature before applying to play at an organized workshop.
  • CMNC members receive a directory of all members, which will help you in forming groups for this purpose.
  • CMNClist is another good way to find fellow players.
  • CMNC also recommends the chamber music classes for adults at the Crowden school
  • See Gaining Chamber Music Experience
  • To ensure a workable instrument balance, the workshop may have to set specific quotas of various instruments and playing abilities.

For any questions, please contact us.

Maps / Directions

In case you need more:


  • As we are in a city, please remember to take the usual precautions: keep valuables out of sight and lock your car.
  • Important Update to Parking: [11-2014 update]
    All the parking meters on streets around SFSU are active on Saturday. Sunday is free. So parking in these places is an option for your attendance on SUNDAY at the SFSU workshop.
  • If you want to try finding free parking in the neighborhood, be sure to allow extra time for your search and your walk into the Creative Arts building for registration. It is very important that you arrive on time.
  • SFSU's Campus Parking - pdf map, fees, hours, more
  • You should also consider using the multilevel Parking Garage ("Structure") on State Drive, on campus:
  • The SFSU parking structure ticket machines now take credit cards!
    • To pay cash, bring 8 crisp one-dollar bills, or a five and 3 ones.
    • Coins are not accepted.
    • One day permit is $8. A 2-day permit is $16.
  • To park in the SFSU parking structure, stop at level three to make your payment, then drive to the fourth or fifth level, because a level walkway onto campus starts from the fifth level of the structure. The structure has an elevator and stairs in the southeast corner.
  • Allow fifteen minutes at least, to get from your car, pay your fee (could require 10 minutes for this chore alone), and get to the Creative Arts Building.
  • Please remember these points, for a hassle-free beginning to your day(s) at the CMNC workshop.
  • Note the CA (Creative Arts Bldg) is on Holloway, where our activities are centered. 


    Master Class - a participant's description

    We need to prepare a 5 - 7 minute segment for our Saturday afternoon master class. Three other ensembles will be present for that, along with our coach and the coach of two of the other ensembles. We'll perform what we've prepared, then we'll be coached on our performance by the "other" coach. Each ensemble does this in turn. In my experience the master class has always been very friendly, supportive, and really valuable.

    A note about the workshop fees:

    Despite increasing costs, our SFSU fees are just $10 more than in 2013, thanks to the CMNC Challenge donations.

    CMNC's Library Listings

    CMNC workshop venues, campus maps, motels

    Links to some Coaches' web sites

    Morrison Artists Series (SFSU)
      Free chamber music concerts, with master classes and pre-concert talks
    (see link for details)