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Gems from "The Chamber Musician"

Elizabeth Morrison, editor

CMNC Workshop Philosophy
Bob Goldstein

From the Editor
Elizabeth Morrison

Mills College - New Venue
Bill Horne

SF State University - New Venue
Bill Horne

Preparing for a workshop
Miriam Blatt

Tips for a Workshop Performance
Miriam Blatt

Gaining Chamber Music Experience
Sue Fowle

How Coaches Approach A CMNC Day

Coaching Mixed Strings and Winds
Rebecca Hang

Finding and Printing Assigned Music
Sue Fowle

Tales of Piano Sight-reading
Miriam Blatt

Piano Sightreading: Technical Tips
Miriam Blatt

Harmonics (for Stringed Instruments)
Sue Fowle

From Violin to Viola
Sue Fowle

Memories of Rheta Goldberg

Ana´s Nin and Rupert Pole
Ralph Morrison

The GI Symphony After WW II
Ralph Morrison

Musical Limericks
Virginia C. Albedi

Adventures in the Rhythm Section
Elizabeth Morrison

Resuming Stories
Elizabeth Morrison

Mixed Trios with Piano
William T. Horne

When Winds and Strings Meet to Play