Explanation of Terms

in the Membership Application

    Types and Benefits of Membership

    • Mailing Only members receive e-mail notices of workshops.They pay non-member workshop fees and are not eligible for workshop financial aid.
    • Full members receive e-mail or postal announcements, online newsletters and an annual member directory. They attend workshops for reduced fees and are eligible for financial aid.
      Full membership dues are $35,
      may be paid annually, and expire June 30. Dues paid March 1 or later confer membership until June 30 of the following year.

    User Name

    • Your user name will be used to log into your Member Panel to keep your information current. User names may contain 5-40 characters and are not case sensitive. Existing members were assigned user names and passwords and notified by e-mail when the online data base was created. If you have forgotten your user name please contact us by e-mail to recover it.
    • If you are applying as a new member, please choose a user name that is unique, permanent and easy to remember, such as your first or first and last name. If the name you choose is being used in the system, you will be asked to modify it.


    • Passwords may contain 5-12 letters or numbers in any combination and are not case sensitive. Forgotten passwords may be replaced automatically or manually. If you have registered a working email address with us click the "Replace password" link on the login page and the system will e-mail you a unique password of random characters. You may keep it or use it to log in and replace the new password with one you can more easily remember.
    • If you need a new password and do not have a working email address in your account information please call us at 510-828-4148. Please include your name, phone number and the best time to reach you.

    Log-In Problems

    • You may send e-mail to mail @ cmnc.org   or leave a phone message at 510-828-4148. Please include your name, phone number and the best time to reach you.

    Unaccepted Characters

    • To avoid confusing our computers, paragraph returns will be automatically replaced with spaces and ' with ` when typed in a comment field.

    Contact information

    • Please only enter information in the address, email and telephone fields that you are willing to have printed in the CMNC Directory. You may submit private contact information, not to be published, in the comments field of either the membership form or the workshop application form. There is a separate box to enter an extension to your work phone.
    • The third box of each phone number input area will accept up to 20 digits, parentheses and spaces to accommodate phone numbers in European formats.


    • CMNC makes workshop assignments for the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, english horn, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano. Other instruments may be accepted in preformed groups or at the discretion of the workshop director.
    • The CMNC Directory will list a main and second instruments from the list above, and up to two others.

    Playing and sight reading levels

    • This information may be published in the CMNC Directory for members' convenience in recruiting ensemble members of compatible playing ability.
    • Candid answers will help members form enjoyable groups.


    • This information will be published in the CMNC Directory for members' convenience in recruiting ensemble members who can play at the same time.

    In the Workshop Application

    Workshop Fees

    • Please pay the workshop fees when you apply
    • Fees for any day(s) that you are waitlisted will be refunded in full prior to the workshop
    • For current fees and application deadline, see the Workshop Details page

    CMNC Policy on Workshop Payment for Recruits

    • Approved by CMNC Board of Directors, March 30, 2014.
    • Preformed Groups. Cancellation by any group member must be submitted to the Workshop Director (mail@cmnc.org or CMNC Message Phone: 510-828-4148). Recruiting a participant to replace a preformed group member who has cancelled is the responsibility of the group. Recruited participant must apply online within two days of committing to play at the workshop and pay fee according to the rules for that workshop.
    • Assigned Groups. Participants recruited for the workshop are expected to apply online within two days of committing to play at the workshop and pay fee according to the rules for that workshop.

    Financial Aid

    • CMNC Members in good standing who would be unable to attend due to cost may request financial aid which will reduce their fee to $25 per workshop.
      • SFSU-OLLI - San Francisco State University - workshop is a class, so it requires a separate pre-registration and tuition payment of $25 to OLLI (instructions for payment will be sent to accepted participants)
      • OLLI financial aid participants will pay only the $25 to OLLI ($0 to CMNC)
      • Similarly, COM - College of Marin - workshop is a class, so it requires a separate pre-registration and tuition payment of $25 to COM (instructions for payment will be sent to accepted participants)
      • COM financial aid participants will pay only the $25 to COM ($0 to CMNC)
    • Persons requesting financial aid are encouraged to volunteer to assist at the workshop. The volunteer coordinator will contact you with specific requests.
    • The cost of meals/breaks is around $70 for the weekend.
    • We invite you to make a donation of whatever amount you can afford. Thank you.

    • If you have just paid membership dues, and are looking for the financial aid workshop fees for members, be sure the fees listed are now for members.
    • Below the list of workshop days and fees, there should be a box to check for financial aid. After checking the box, the fees should all change to $25 ($0 if payment is made to the venue, such as College of Marin for registration as a class).
    • If you do not see the box to check, refresh your browser page.
    • If the box to check still does not appear, log out and then back in, again refresh your browser page if needed.
    • If still not successful, log out, wait about 5 minutes and then log in and refresh again if necessary.
    • More to try: Log out, turn off your computer, wait a minute, turn it back on, or try a different browser if possible.
    • If all this fails, contact us to explain your problem:
      email   mail @ cmnc.org  
      or call the CMNC Message Phone: 510-828-4148

    Coached Sessions


    • Application for all days of the workshop is preferred but not mandatory. Players of instruments with an excess of applicants may be asked to attend one day only. Players who cannot be accommodated will be waitlisted.
    • Please apply for the day(s) you would like, and let us try to accommodate you.
    • Unfortunately our venues are limited in size despite the growth of our popularity.  Applicants should know that we consider all applications up to the deadline date, but sometimes have to wait-list or drop people to one day to manage instrument balance and oversubscription. 
    • The workshop fee includes Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday lunch, and break refreshments (depending on which days you attend.)
    • Also indicate your availability for one or both days.

    Preformed groups

    • Preformed: a chamber music group, trio or larger, formed by individuals outside of the workshop. For example, you and three friends have been playing together as a quartet and your group would like to attend the workshop to receive coaching.
      Your group decides on the piece, perhaps a movement or more, works on it prior to the workshop, and comes prepared to be coached, bringing your parts plus a separate score for the coach. It will save time in your rehearsals and at the workshop to measure-number your parts and the score.
    • A limited number of preformed groups will be accepted for the workshop.
    • Minimum group size is a trio, but preference may be given to larger groups, depending on the number of applicants and available rooms.
    • Groups must provide their own music plus a separate copy of the score for the coach. Groups unable to meet these requirements will not be accepted.
    • Each member of a preformed group must submit a workshop application
    • All members of preformed groups must be listed on the initial application and all applications must be submitted, including payment, by the deadline stated in the Workshop Announcement.
    • Changes to preformed groups present serious problems and should be avoided. See ...Recruits.


    • The workshop fee includes your meals and break refreshments for the days you attend. Please refer to the Workshop Announcement for meals included. Vegetarian meals are normally available.
    • Guest meals may be purchased with registration.


    • Please let us know your assignment preferences (familiar classic, unknown modern, specific composer or piece, etc.) and any other relevant personal preferences (assign with others from your area, okay to group with multiples of oversubscribed instrument such as flute quartet, etc.). 
    • We like to know, although many factors influence our ability to honor your preferences.
    • You may also use this space for any other comments concerning your application, participation, improvement in your playing, etc., which you'd like us to know.


    is not included nor arranged for by the workshop. Please refer to the Motels/Hotels links in the Workshop Announcement or the venues to find nearby lodging facilities.



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