Next CMNC Workshop

October 11-12, 2014

Mills College

5000 MacArthur Blvd.
(cross street: Richards Road)
Oakland, CA 94613

Details Soon

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"... you will be amazed at this architectural gem in the midst of an Oakland neighborhood right off 580. The campus is compact but varied. Atop a knoll, the campus is fairly flat, with parking plentiful and free." 
-- Bill Horne

Photo Tour of Mills College

Music Facilities at Mills

History of Music at Mills College

Mills Center for Contemporary Music (CCM)



Future Workshops

February 21–22, 2015:  San Francisco State
    Alexander String Quartet, performing coaches


Recommended: Adult Chamber Music Class at Crowden School

CMNClist - for announcements and to find fellow musicians to form groups

Newsletter Gem: Preparing for a workshop

CMNC's FAQs - Getting Started

ACMP's Self-Rating Guide for your playing level

Effective workshop participation requires a reasonable level of technical competence and previous familiarity with chamber music. High technical proficiency can compensate to some extent for lack of chamber music experience, but sight-reading skill is essential.

  • True beginners are not likely to be adequately prepared for the experience of playing at the workshop.
  • If you are a beginner, we encourage you to form chamber groups at home in order to gain self-confidence and some familiarity with the literature before applying to play at an organized workshop.
  • CMNC members receive a directory of all members, which will help you in forming groups for this purpose.
  • CMNClist is another good way to find fellow players.
  • CMNC also recommends the chamber music classes for adults at the Crowden school
  • To ensure a workable instrument balance, the workshop may have to set specific quotas of various instruments and playing abilities.
  • We wish to encourage our intermediate workshop applicants to consider pre-forming groups, which, although requiring a bit more effort, we feel really enhances both enjoyment and learning from our valued coaches.


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