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Directions / Maps / Parking

COM - College of Marin - KTD (Kentfield)
Laurel Ave and Sir Francis Drake Blvd, 94904

See COM's Parking Map (pdf)

Directions to COM (Kentfield) from Highway 101
From Highway 101, take the
San Anselmo exit (northbound)
or the
Sir Francis Drake Blvd. exit (southbound)
and follow Sir Francis Drake Blvd (past College Ave, the seventh stoplight)
Stay on Sir Francis Drake Blvd., turn left on Laurel Ave for Performing Arts Building, Fine Arts Building, and Fusselman Hall. Park in college parking lots.

Parking is no longer free on Saturday. You must have a permit or purchase a $4 permit. Sundays are free.

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CMNC cordially invites you to another weekend of chamber music at

COM - College of Marin - KTD (Kentfield)
Laurel Ave and Sir Francis Drake Blvd, 94904
May 30-31, 2015

Application and Payment Deadline: Saturday, April 11, 2015

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For this workshop we will have coaching for all participants on Saturday, and coaching only for preformed groups on Sunday. Other Sunday participants will have a reading day with no coaching on Sunday.

For the May workshop only, you may come in preformed groups both days if you wish. June is our smallest workshop of the year, so we encourage more people to come, and are willing to accept extra preformed groups for this reason.

  • Saturday participants: Arrive at 8:15–8:45 Saturday, to register and chat before 9:00 start time and Orientation Meeting. Saturday will consist of a full day coached session, lunch and a performance sampler (4:00-5:30). Saturday will also include a coaches' concert: trio featuring Jeffrey Sykes on piano, Jeff Anderle on clarinet, and Jean-Michel Fonteneau on cello(5:45-6:30), dinner and freelancing thereafter.

  • Sunday Participants: Arrive at 8:30–8:40 to register and to attend the Sunday Orientation Meeting at 8:45. Sunday will consist of two un-coached sessions with different groups (except for preformed groups, which will continue all day in the same group with coaching) and lunch.

    The Sunday session will end at 4:00 with an optional performance sampler at 4:15. Preformed ensembles are encouraged to perform the work they were coached on. Those not performing are welcome to stay and listen, or to leave at 4pm.

  • Lunches and Saturday dinner included in registration fee

  • Freelancing is encouraged Saturday evening.

We consider all applications up to the deadline date, but sometimes have to waitlist or give participants only one day to manage instrument balance. We are also limited by the number of rooms we are allowed to use at each of our venues.

Everyone is encouraged to apply individually. Whether you are applying for one day or both days, please indicate on the application if you (and/or your preformed group) can attend either day. This will be greatly appreciated and your acceptance possibly might hinge on your flexibility. Of course, if you can only attend one day, we will make an effort to accommodate you.

  • If you apply as an Individual, we will assign you to groups and provide music for you on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • A limited number of Preformed* Groups will be accepted for the workshop. Preference is given to groups with members who wish to attend both days--either as individuals or in preformed groups.
    • Preformed groups must provide their own music and a score for the coach (even if the score is a piano part, an additional copy must be provided). Groups unable to meet these requirements will not be accepted.
    • Minimum group size is a trio. Preference may be given to larger groups depending on the number of applicants and available rooms.

  • We wish to encourage our intermediate players to consider pre-forming groups, which, although requiring a bit more effort, we feel really enhances both enjoyment and learning from our valued coaches.
  • Everyone must be a registered participant in order to be covered by our insurance.

*Preformed: a chamber music group, trio or larger, formed by individuals outside of the workshop. For example, you and three friends have been playing together as a quartet and your group would like to attend the workshop to receive coaching.
Your group decides on the piece, perhaps a movement or more, works on it prior to the workshop, and comes prepared to be coached, bringing your parts and a separate score for the coach. It will save time in your rehearsals and at the workshop to measure-number your parts and the score.

A note about the workshop fees:

We have kept our COM fees the same as last year, thanks to the CMNC Challenge donations. Two of our goals in the 2011 CMNC Challenge fundraising campaign were to keep workshop fees more affordable, and to be able to provide financial aid where needed. If you need financial aid, but can pay more than $25 for the weekend our system still allows you to do so. This, we hope, will enable CMNC to serve more people in these economic times.

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Adjustments such as change of days may not be reflected in the above messages.
If you paid through PayPal, you should receive confirming email.

To Apply

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After you login, you will see the link for the online workshop application.

New to CMNC? Please register (either for New Membership or for Mail List Only), then apply for the workshop.

Please use the online application if at all possible. If you have problems with this, please send email to mail @   or call our message phone, 510-828-4148, to explain your problem.

When you apply, pay the CMNC workshop fees as shown (PayPal or check).
This workshop is a College of Marin (COM) class. COM requires separate registration and tuition payment of $25. 

  • Instructions for registering as a COM student will be sent to applicants who are accepted.
  • Do not contact COM before you receive the instructions from CMNC -- typically these are sent to you by email in the last week before the workshop.

Current CMNC workshop fees are reduced by $25 per participant so your total cost is comparable to our other workshops.

Financial Aid -- To indicate you need Financial Aid, make sure that you are a current member or you will need to become one. Then check the box at the bottom of the Days/Fees section, then select your day(s) details.
If you are receiving Financial Aid, your fee is the $25 that you will eventually pay for COM registration. Therefore, you need send no money with your application. . (Membership dues are $35 annually. Login and look at your Member Account's Membership Details to determine if you are a paid-up member. If not current, pay your annual membership dues and then apply.)
If accepted for the workshop you are obligated to pay the registration fee of $25 to COM.
We also encourage you to make a donation to CMNC of whatever amount you can afford.

*If you join or renew your CMNC membership, please complete membership payment BEFORE applying for the workshop.
You need to be a paid-up member before the system can save you money by calculating member fees.

We expect payment of the workshop fee when you apply. Fees for any day(s) that you are waitlisted will be refunded in full prior to the workshop.

Workshop Fees - May 30-31, 2015
Read about COM Reg



Member Financial Aid (Paid to COM Reg ONLY)

BOTH Days Sunday NOT Pre-formed
















SUNDAY only NOT Pre-formed








Extra meals for your guests Saturday Lunch Saturday Dinner Sunday Lunch
$17 $21 $17


CMNC's Library Listings

Links to some Coaches' web sites


Pre-Workshop Schedule:

Application and Payment Deadline: Saturday, April 11, 2015

Please pay the workshop fee when you apply. Fees for any day(s) that you are waitlisted will be refunded in full prior to the workshop.

We will send every applicant an acceptance/regrets notice by April 27, 2015 (Monday). If yours has not arrived by April 30, please contact us by phone or e-mail!
Send E-mail to: mail @
or call the CMNC Message Phone: 510-828-4148.

If you are accepted, we are planning on your presence, and it is crucial that you come.

  • If you cannot come, please notify us, the earlier the better. Your cancellation is not official until we acknowledge it, so you have confirmation that your message was received.
  • To ensure a workable instrument balance, some applicants may be accepted for only one day or wait-listed subject to cancellations.
    • For example, there are a limited number of pianos, so we may not be able to accept all the pianists who apply.
  • Assignments will be discussed with pianists about 3 weeks before the workshop.
  • Non-preformed participants will be notified of Saturday assignments about 2 weeks before the workshop.
  • As Sunday is uncoached except for preformed groups, there will be no Sunday assignment notifications.
  • The first section in our Links page suggests the likeliest places to quickly obtain music
  • A roster will be available to accepted applicants.

If you are wait-listed, your payment will be refunded in full; we will contact you if the workshop balance changes.


If you cancel before April 15, 2015, you will receive a full refund.
If you cancel between April 15 and May 5, 2015, you will receive a 50% refund.
If you cancel after May 5, 2015, there is no refund except for medical and family emergencies.

If you must cancel, contact us. If we don't respond quickly, keep trying until we confirm your cancellation.


Look at Map Links

Workshop Overview:

  • See format and arrival details above
  • Freelancing, as usual, will be available Saturday evening after dinner until 10:00 pm
    • What is Freelancing?
    • Table with room signup list and freelance sheets is near the Registration table
    • Each group should sign up for a room
    • Rooms with pianos should be reserved by piano groups
    • Use a Freelance signup sheet if you want to play a piece but you need players
    • If your group is complete, you do not need to fill out a freelance signup sheet, but you do need to sign up for a room
  • CMNC library of chamber music scores and parts will be available for freelancing -- over 1200 items for 3 to 16 players. Look at our online listing.
  • Security room provided for instrument storage.

Effective workshop participation requires a reasonable level of technical competence and previous familiarity with chamber music. High technical proficiency can compensate to some extent for lack of chamber music experience, but sight-reading skill is essential.

  • True beginners are not likely to be adequately prepared for the experience of playing at the workshop.
  • If you are a beginner, we encourage you to form chamber groups at home in order to gain self-confidence and some familiarity with the literature before applying to play at an organized workshop.
  • Suggestions to Gain Chamber Music Experience
  • Beginning chamber musicians can increase their chances of being accepted to a workshop if they come as a preformed group.
  • CMNC members receive a directory of all members, which will help you in forming groups for this purpose.
  • CMNClist is another good way to find fellow players.
  • CMNC also recommends the chamber music classes for adults at the Crowden school
  • To ensure a workable instrument balance, the workshop may have to set specific quotas of various instruments and playing abilities.
Address any questions by E-mail to:
mail @  
or use the CMNC Message Phone: 510-828-4148

Future Workshops:

October 3-4, 2015: Mills College, Oakland


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